Special Interest Group Workshops

The ASI Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops are popular pre-ASM meetings that provide focused programmes for members working in particular subject areas. The SIG workshops will be held at the ASM venue on Monday 4 December.

Oral speaking opportunities at the workshops are available for delegates who submitted abstracts.

Tumour Immunology Workshop

The ASI’s Tumour Immunology Special Interest Group (SIG) warmly invites you to attend a full-day Tumour Immunology Workshop to be hosted as a satellite prior to the main ASI meeting, on 4th December 2023. The Tumour Immunology SIG is one of the oldest and largest of the ASI SIGs, and in fact this year we will celebrate our 25 year anniversary! Each year at the ASI Annual Meeting, we provide a forum for members of the tumour immunology community to present and discuss the latest advances in the field, showcasing the best clinical and basic research from Australia and abroad.

Location: TBC




Clinical Immunology, Autoimmunity & Tolerance, Systems Immunology Workshop

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in clinical immunology, ‘omics datasets and a variety of conditions including autoimmunity, allergy, transplantation, inborn errors in immunity and inflammatory diseases. The workshop will be an interactive opportunity for early-career researchers and postgraduate students to engage with our invited speakers prior to the main ASI meeting.

Clinical Immunology, Autoimmunity & Tolerance, Systems Immunology flyer

Location: TBC




Tuberculosis Immunology Workshop (Joint meeting with 7th Australia-China Symposium on Immunity in Tuberculosis)

Tuberculosis remains a major health problem in China and our region. Understanding the immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis is essential for new approaches to control the infection. This symposium will bring together the key researchers from China, Australia, and New Zealand to discuss the current challenges in tuberculosis control as well as latest breakthroughs in basic and clinical research.

Location: TBC




Innate Immunity, Immunometabolism & Mucosal Immunology Workshop

The ASI Innate Immunology, Immunometabolism, and Mucosal Immunology Special Interest Groups are excited to announce we will be hosting a combined workshop covering these critical areas of immunology. We are delighted to confirm that we will hear from esteemed international speakers including Jon Kagan (Innate Immunity, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA), Elia Tait Wojno (Innate Immunity/Mucosal Immunology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA) and Kiyoshi Takeda (Mucosal Immunology, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan). The Combined Workshop on Innate Immunology, Immunometabolism, and Mucosal Immunology will take place on Monday 4th of December 2023, immediately prior to the main meeting opening and will have speaker opportunities for early-mid career researchers. This combined workshop is a unique opportunity to interact closely with world leading researchers in these topics so sign up now.

Location: TBC




Postgraduate Workshop

Calling all budding immunologists! This workshop is tailor-made for you. Enhance your skills, exchange ideas, and kick-start your journey in the world of immunology.

Location: TBC